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University Church

University Church

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The most life-transforming ministry we can offer an unreached group is a simple Body-of-Christ planted in their midst to live-out all the basic functions or life-rhythms of the church.

Pastor modeling 2 Timothy 2:2 with:

  • Staff
  • Deacons
  • Ministry Students
  • Student “Timothys” (spiritual healthy collegiates)

Any University Town Church

Multiplying Gatherings

Senior Adult Gathering
at assisted living center, near hospital
2 p.m., Saturdays
led by Deacon team

Student Gathering
at a community college conference room, in an adjacent town
7 p.m., Mondays
led by a “Timothy”

Student Gathering
at a fraternity house
7 p.m., Tuesdays
led by Ministry Student

Adult/Family/Anyone Gathering
at the church auditorium
9 a.m., Sundays
led by staff

Adult/Family/Anyone Gathering
at the church auditorium
11 a.m., Sundays
led by staff

Career Singles Gathering
at the church gymnasium
7 p.m., Saturdays
led by staff and volunteers

Student Gathering
at student apartment complex
9 p.m., Mondays
led by a “Timothy”

Student Gathering (for soccer teams)
at intramural parking lot
5 p.m., Thursdays
led by a “Timothy”

Can’t a church body be so far-reaching that it uses many buildings and scores of locations? Can’t they all be the same church? How many unreached might come to each site above?

Building Blocks

  1. Use free space and volunteer “servant-leaders”
  2. Provide simple and relational: worship, discipleship, servanthood, community and evangelism
  3. Believe that where even a few are gathered together “there am I (Jesus) in the midst of them”
  4. Nurture, pray for and mentor them to be an extension of your church into an unreached group of friends… an on-site Body-of-Christ that you can include as part of your church’s total spiritual fruit

You can mentor someone as the servant-leader of a simple, on-site Body-of-Christ to reach overlooked friends (in every micro-culture) who have mentally distanced themselves from the regular church building.