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(local student-leader trainers ... pastors, collegiate ministers, etc.)

Note: Teach only as much as your “student-leader” will need to get started. Use this material as a “cafeteria” and select only the essentials needed in your setting. You will be preparing persons to plant “Aquila & Priscilla” type churches (Rom. 16:3-5) which will be more relational and simpler than a fully staffed program-based church in its own building.

In many cases your formal teaching will consist of no more than 4-6 sessions in which you utilize only a few articles. Feel free to sharpen each resource with your insights and experience. Dissect it/discuss it/pray about it ... .and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in how to fit concepts into your local context.

Then meet with those students who start a satellite congregation or organic church regularly for dialogue, encouragement, and prayer ... .they will need your on-going wise counsel.

A. Any growing Christian can become the leader of a Satellite or Organic on-site “Body-of-Christ”extending their church into an Unreached People Group (or relationship group) in the campus community. Often such student-leaders serve within one or more of these parameters:

  1. They are mentored by a pastor or collegiate minister.
  2. They remain active in their home or sponsor church.
  3. The attendance/baptisms are counted as a part of the sponsor church’s extended ministry, if it is a satellite congregation ... (but it is allowed to fully function as the on-site Body-of-Christ among the group it is reaching).

B. Satellite and/or Organic Congregations can be started with no funds, and they reach persons who have mentally distanced themselves from a church building. New relationship groups are reached, baptized and discipled, and growing Christian leaders become more missional. They are ultimately prepared to plant such churches wherever life takes them after they graduate from college!