Coffee House Churches


Digging Deeper

Who's searching for more to this life at your local coffee house?

For those who have viewed the Simple Essence of Church presentation and/or want to learn more about simple churches, we've put together a follow-up group dialogue to help you and your friends dig deeper into the idea of simple churches.

You can use this guide how ever you see fit, either as handouts, an online chat group, or as a Powerpoint presentation.

We invite you to consider using the guide as the basis for a group dialogue among a few Christian friends who want to be part of a grassroots revolution that naturally touches and transforms the unreached lives in their own daily traffic-patterns!

Ask God's Spirit to guide each dialogue... whether you view it all at once, or break it up into multiple share times.

Download the PDF version

Download the full PowerPoint 2007 version (approx 2mb)

Download the full PowerPoint 1997-2003 version (approx 4mb)

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