Coffee House Churches


Coffeehouse? Cathedral? Apartment? City Park? Home?

Where you gather doesn’t matter as much as living-out the basics of the Body of Christ... then your group becomes Christ’s Hands, His Heart, His Voice, His Touch within their micro-culture... and it changes lives!

Kristen's Story from Greenchurch on Vimeo.

This website is a "cafeteria" for Students, Pastors, & College Ministers, AND for young adults & churches anywhere in the world. Don’t think you need to digest everything here. Just ask God’s Spirit to guide you to 3 or 4 downloads that fit your setting. Feel free to change, sharpen and improve these for your local needs. (Since this site is used internationally, interdenominationally, and interculturally, select only the ideas in sync with your church and core beliefs.)

View the "Church for Dorm, Home, Coffeehouse Friends" tool... and as you read the composite example of Chad and his friends, consider how to fashion this for the unreached persons/groups you know.

Find a mentor if you are not already established in ministry. Ask a Pastor, Missionary, or College Minister to meet with you regularly for equipping & wise-counsel…and ask your church to give you prayer support as you extend its influence into unreached groups!

Now, if you ARE viewing this at a Coffeehouse begin asking God to raise up an on-site Body of Christ among your God-hungry friends…wherever they hang out. Ask God for friends who would live-out The Meal right there as you drink coffee together!

Eventually graduate to the elemental ideas in "Digging Deeper" and think deeply about planting a Romans 16 type gathering wherever you are in life!